Friday Quicklinks

It's been quite a while since I posted some Friday Quicklinks, so I'm ending the drought today.

We Want Plates

I have been horrified, baffled, amused and fascinated, all at the same time, by the We Want Plates twitter feed. They document the often hilarious and bizarre way food is served in some restaurants. Who wants their meal on a shovel?

Paneer Jalfrezi

A lovely sounding recipe from Malika Basu of Quick Indian Cooking - Paneer Jalfrezi in a Jiffy. Cubes of paneer are stir fried with capsicum and spices and then served with fresh coriander. It looks delicious.

Superfood Suckerdom

Long term readers of this blog will know of my distaste and objections to the superfood phenomenon. Anyway, via the clever Signe Rousseau I came across this article on why we're suckers for superfoods.

Vintage Gourmet

I've been really enjoying Ruth Reichl's series of posts highlighting old copies of Gourmet magazine. A box of past issues arrived on her doorstep and for the last couple of weeks she's been posting a series of recipes, some of which are surprising, some fussily old fashioned, while others are interestingly time-consuming. The adverts are pretty funny too.

Spiced Sweet Potato Cakes

On my list of recipes to make is My Darling Lemon Thyme's Spiced Sweet Potato Cakes. Grated sweet potato is mixed together with garlic, spices, chilli and fresh coriander. The sweet potato cakes are then pan fried and served with a crispy fried egg. Our weekly vegetable box is full of sweet potatoes at the moment, so it's good to have a new recipe to try out.

Podcast: Feeding the Commons

I loved the two-part series on catering at the House of Commons by the BBC's Food Program. About 8,000 food transactions occur each day, from early morning breakfast and coffee breaks, through afternoon tea and dinner. The sheer logistics of feeding that many people, as well as the characters involved makes for interesting listening. Part one is here and part two here.

What have you spotted on the interwebs recently?