Cracking recipes: Wendy's Kale & Goat Cheese Pesto

Over the past year, one of the recipes on regular repeat in my kitchen is Wendy's Kale and Goat Cheese Pesto.

Photo by  Bobbi Bowers

Photo by Bobbi Bowers

I've been following Wendy's blog, A Wee Bit of Cooking, for years now. Along the way, a number of her recipes, like the Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burritoshave become favourites in our house

However, it's her kale pesto I'm currently fixated on.

When talking about how to cook if time and energy are low it seems almost frivolous to mention a pesto recipe. However, Wendy's is a doozie which I just find really useful.

Firstly, of course, it tastes delicious!

Moreover, while the pesto isn't a meal unto itself, I find it can add flavour, texture and vegetable to a collection of otherwise disparate ingredients, turning them into a tasty meal.

It's also flexible and as I repeatedly say, I love a low fuss, flexible recipe. I like Wendy's idea of toasting the nuts and freely admit it would make the pesto even more delicious, nevertheless in the service of simplicity, saving time and reducing pan usage, I rarely follow this step. I also often adjust the recipe according to what's in my cupboard, changing the nuts or cheese and adding in fresh herbs or chilli, if I feel like it.

I make up a batch with a whole bunch of kale and then use it by the tablespoonful, tossed through chickpeas, pasta and rice, blobbed on the top of a vegetable soup, or folded into the middle of an omelette.

It is quite simply a brilliant and delightful recipe.

What recipes are currently on high rotation in your kitchen?