Hello again

Hello, how are you? I've been missing in action for the last few months, taking time off for my health, but now I'm back.

It feels like the right time. Limes & Lycopene has been on hold, as have many aspects of my life, while I hoped, waited and worked on getting better. However my health has not improved as much as I'd wanted. 

Dizziness is still an ingredient in my everyday life and there's no foreseeable end to the problem. So, rather than waiting for things to get back to how they were, when my health was tip-top, it's time to strike a new path.

Things have changed for me considerably over the last 18 months, since the vestibular migraines started - I've been writing about my experiences here. I'm now living with a chronic illness which has forced me to resign from clinic, let go of many writing jobs, give up my driving license, slow right down. I have limited energy and limited mental resources, even on a good day.

Image by  juhkystar.

Image by juhkystar.

In all these changes, the way I cook and think about food has also changed. It's had to. I am no longer able to spend the day planning what I'm going to cook that night. I don't have the energy to spend an hour cooking dinner and shopping, of any kind, is a big trigger for my dizziness - so browsing through farmers' markets and beautiful food stores is something I now mostly avoid.

However, it strikes me the problem of how to eat healthily and cook for yourself, when energy, time and motivation are in short supply, is a topic relevant to many. Certainly relevant to more than just the people with vestibular migraine, or even those with a chronic illness. 

Like others, I often struggle to summon the motivation for cooking; I get bored with eating the same thing, but don't have the energy for a lot of experimentation; I want delicious flavours but can't be bothered to cook for hours. Plus a late afternoon trip to the shops, to top up on ingredients, is not a good use of my time or energy, so I generally cook with what I have. 

It's still a work in progress.

I've missed this space over the last few months, but I've been uncertain about my capabilities and hesitant to commit to blogging again when my energy and health are limited. However, with the help of this site, sent to me by the lovely Elaine, I think I've worked out a sustainable approach. 

So I look forward to talking to you all some more over the next few months.