An Honest Kitchen

An Honest Kitchen is a digital publication all about real food, that's good for you. Meals which are balanced, made up of ingredients that improve health and are served in realistic portions. Food with all its beautiful imperfections.

An Honest Kitchen is a collaboration between myself and Melbourne based artist, photographer, recipe developer, occasional writer and blogger at Nourish Me, Lucinda Dodds.

The idea for An Honest Kitchen grew out of a series of emails between Lucy and myself about why so many people were not cooking these days. In conversation many of them admitted to being afraid of recipes that they didn’t have every single ingredient for. Others devoured food magazines and followed celebrity chefs religiously, yet rarely ended up in the kitchen. Inevitably, they were eating take-away food. Cooking for themselves had become all too hard.

An Honest Kitchen is all about food and cooking, in real life. Along the way we've simplified things, cut back on processes, found ways of making cooking easier and the result is a set of recipes that arrive at the table at a reasonable hour even after an exhausting day. No intimidating ingredients or complicated stocks. No using every single pan in the house and creating a mound of washing up, just to create a delicious and healthy dinner. Recipes are interspersed with sound nutritional advice; passages about getting creative with leftovers, how to adapt recipes with ease, and making dessert a healthy part of life.

The photographs, too, reflect this philosophy. Our food is approachable and achievable in an everyday setting, so it is plated and photographed truthfully, in a real working kitchen, before being devoured by family and friends, the people we love to feed.

You can find out more about An Honest Kitchen here.